Reggie Young carefully selects subcontractors and crews comprised of conscientious professionals for each project. His available resources of skilled and talented tradesmen reach across every field of building restoration. Reggie’s background is in Design and Architecture. Growing up in a family of restorers in Pennsylvania has shaped his interest in historic structures and their preservation. For many years, he lived in New York City where he was a restaurant designer, builder and operator, and owned several restaurants and food businesses. In 2000, he sold his Connecticut business and moved to the Hudson Valley to launch Design And Project Management Studio.

We act as project managers through all phases of development from architectural to engineering, to designing custom interior environments. This ensures that every detail of the Client's vision is fully realized from conception to completion.

Design and Project Management Studio is committed to using sustainable, environmentally conscious materials. Between our extensive and ongoing research and implementation of the latest advances and green technology, and the training we're giving at Howard Hall Farm, when it comes to green technology and proper historic masonry, Design and Project Management Studio is able to offer an unparalleled range of diverse services. We utilize green technology in conjunction with every aspect of our projects by dove-tailing historic materials and processes with an acute attention to energy-efficient design. Our vast pool of highly specialized consultants enables us to preserve, repair, and build with traditional and sustainable materials such as lime plaster and Terne tin, while incorporating new technology into our designs.

The Climate Energy Freewatt System, for example, operates with a 93% AFUE furnace heating efficiency and the engine/generator provides an overall heat and power efficiency of 83-90%, which dramatically increases the efficiency of historic buildings to conserve natural resources, reduce CO2 emissions, and lower our Clients' energy costs.